Photo Challenge Day 25 – Avocado

It was late in the evening when I remembered that I hadn’t taken my photo of the day. So I grabbed my camera and went out back to photograph the local wildlife (my cockapoo who had rolled in the dirt and was causing dust clouds every time she sneezed).

As soon as I tried to take the first picture I realized I hadn’t charged the battery and it wouldn’t even take one picture. By this time I really wasn’t feeling like thinking and trying to take an interesting picture anyway. So I got my old phone and used that camera to take a picture of the first thing I could see, which was an avocado. I took the picture, turned it balck and white and called it a day.

While I’m enjoying my 30 days of photographs challenge, I’m also definitely ready for it to end. I want to keep taking pictures on a daily basis but I want the option to skip a day when I’m just not feeling it. On the other hand, pushing through your desire to quit something or avoid an unpleasant situation is how you make great things happen. I wouldn’t have taken some of the fun pictures I have over the last month if I hadn’t forced myself to think and come up with interesting subjects and compositions. Rather than look for a way out, maybe I should be looking for a way to continue this daily routine and see how far it takes me.

In the meantime, here’s an avocado. 

30 Days of Photos – Day 25

Day 25 – An Avocado

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