30 Day Photo Challenge Wrap Up

From desert badlands to Rocky Mountain meadows I’ve incorporated a lot of different themes, styles and subjects into last month’s 30 day photo-a-day challenge. As it went along I noticed I was having to really consider what it was I wanted to shoot that day. Sometimes I would just snap a picture of whatever happened to be lying on the counter. Other days I was more deliberate about what I wanted to capture.

Subject, perspective and composition have all been areas I’ve had to really think hard about and try to improve. Some days I did better than others. Thirty days was a good amount of time to do something like this. It’s enough time to go through the stages of seeing the obvious, then getting frustrated at the lack of obvious subjects and finally, forcing the mind and eyes to work and observe what’s really around us.

I went through a few days when I was wishing I had never started the challenge. But now that it’s over, I just want it to keep going. However, I do want to post other things than pictures each day so I’ll call it officially over. I’m sure many more photos will grace these pages into the future though.


Photo Challenge Day 30 – Bugging Out

For my last day of my photo challenge I spied this little guy on a strawberry plant in my back yard. It’s amazing how many things you can find to photograph right in and around your house. Once the obvious subjects are out of the way, you’re forced to pay attention to the details of your surroundings. Different weather, times of day and perspectives can all lead to more interesting and creative pictures.

30 Days of Photos – Day 29

Day 30 – Bugging Out

Photo Challenge Day 28 – Milkweed

I was on an early morning walk when I crossed over an irrigation canal and found these Milkweed flowers growing on the banks. Although these wildflowers are common in parts of Colorado, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them around here before. I was impressed by their round clusters and starburst buds.

Sometimes people walk by and look at me like I’m wierd while I’m taking pictures. Others are suspicious of someone with a camera and a zoom lens. Still others are simply interested and crane their necks to try and see what it is you are seeing. Most people just walk right by things of beauty and wonder without ever observing them. I think everyone would do well to walk around in the early morning with a camera (even a phone) and try to capture observations they normally wouldn’t make.

30 Days of Photos – Day 28

Day 28 – Showy Milkweed

Photo Challenge Day 26 – Rose

I was out in the front yard with my son when we saw that our rose bushes were blooming. I love the light in this photograph and the rings of light and shadow that it produced on the petals. There’s even an aphid on one of the petals in the middle that I didn’t even notice when I took the picture.

30 Days of Photos – Day 26

Day 26 – Yellow Rose

Photo Challenge Day 25 – Avocado

It was late in the evening when I remembered that I hadn’t taken my photo of the day. So I grabbed my camera and went out back to photograph the local wildlife (my cockapoo who had rolled in the dirt and was causing dust clouds every time she sneezed).

As soon as I tried to take the first picture I realized I hadn’t charged the battery and it wouldn’t even take one picture. By this time I really wasn’t feeling like thinking and trying to take an interesting picture anyway. So I got my old phone and used that camera to take a picture of the first thing I could see, which was an avocado. I took the picture, turned it balck and white and called it a day.

While I’m enjoying my 30 days of photographs challenge, I’m also definitely ready for it to end. I want to keep taking pictures on a daily basis but I want the option to skip a day when I’m just not feeling it. On the other hand, pushing through your desire to quit something or avoid an unpleasant situation is how you make great things happen. I wouldn’t have taken some of the fun pictures I have over the last month if I hadn’t forced myself to think and come up with interesting subjects and compositions. Rather than look for a way out, maybe I should be looking for a way to continue this daily routine and see how far it takes me.

In the meantime, here’s an avocado. 

30 Days of Photos – Day 25

Day 25 – An Avocado

Photo Challenge Day 24 – Spider Web

When I showed my family today’s photograph they were stumped about where it was taken. Their perception was thrown off by it too. The background texture looks somewhat like rocks so they thought these were giant spider webs on a red rock wall.

In fact, this image was taken right outside my back door. The red background is the siding on my house. It’s fun to take something that you see every day and take for granted and look at it in a different way. Instead of just sweeping life’s webs away, try looking at them closer.

30 Days of Photos – Day 24

Spider Web

Photo Challenge Day 23 – Shoot the Moon

I was trying to get a shot of the large clouds in the sky on this day. But I thought this image of the moon with its craters was more interesting. I was using a 300mm zoom lens hand-held but it still came out surprisingly sharp.

The picture’s a little bit smaller today because I had to crop a much larger one to just get the moon.

30 Days of Photos – Day 23

The Moon
Day 23 – The Moon