The Secret Life of Dandelions

It’s unfortunate that so many people see dandelions as nothing more than weeds. Yes, they’re incredibly invasive and don’t make for an attractive lawn most of the year. But they do have redeeming qualities.

First of all, when they flower they add a nice pop of yellow color to the landscape. It’s easy to see them and ignore them because of how common they are. But if you get really close, they reveal a tiny, intricate and unique landscape of their own.

Besides visual enjoyment, dandelions are a great food source too. The leaves make for a slightly bitter but tasty salad component. They pack a lot of nutrition like vitamin A and C, fiber and a whole host of other nutrients.

My favorite part of the dandelion is the root. I regularly drink roasted dandelion root tea. It has a great flavor and there might be some evidence that it has anti-cancer properties.

So this spring and summer, when you see those white seed heads popping up all over the place, pick a handful and blow the seeds all over your neighborhood. That guy screaming at you with the Roundup bottle in his hand won’t like it. But what does he know anyway.

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