Neatly Organized Things

There are just too many interesting sites on the internet. Nobody can keep up with it all. The sad fact is that so much great content will go unseen by most people. But at least there’s so much of a surplus of content that we’ll never run out of interesting sites to peruse.

I found one such site the other day through a book at the library. I like books spawned from blogs because they show the best of what the web site has to offer. It’s a quick introduction to see if you want to take the time to dive in further. Anyway, the site (and book) I discovered is called Things Organized Neatly. The site is a photo blog on Tumbler that shows images of – things organized neatly.

There are toys, instruments, ingredients and vehicles, silverware, fruit and a lot more. All of it is meticulously arranged and photographed to make some really amazing art. The book itsef is great with short descriptions of the artist and several pages of their projects. The blog itself if fun to peruse but it’s difficult to search for particular subjects. I would encourage you to go find a copy of the book or take a look at the site. It’s worth a sliver of your internet life.

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