A Numismatic Adventure – Day 1

Last week my son Riley and I went on an epic, 2 day numismatic adventure through Colorado. Day 1 found us descending from our 11,000 foot Rocky Mountain apex to the measly 6000 foot depression of Colorado Springs. There, we visited the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) Money Museum.

We saw amazing examples of coins, medallions and minting equipment. It might sound boring to walk around looking coins under glass but to a couple of coin geeks like us, it was a thrill. And we actually learned a lot (this was an educational trip after all).

The museum’s main exhibit focused on WWI numismatics but we were able to also see examples of ancient coins and early colonial and US money too.
I hadn’t planned on spending long at the museum since we had a nearly two hour drive back to Denver to get to our hotel. But between the exhibits I’ve already mentioned and the amazing display of a 30 million dollar collection of gold coins, we were there almost two hours and still didn’t see everything.

My son and I are both ANA members so we were able to access the museum for free. Non-member admission is still cheap at only $8 for adults (free for kids under 12). But if going to museums just isn’t your thing, you can still see everything by taking a free virtual tour online. Check out https://www.money.org/money-museum-virtualtour. It’s almost as fun as being there in person.

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