In Between Worlds

“In Between Worlds” is a camera movement and multiple exposure photograph that I made from several pictures of decorative grasses in my front yard on a bit of a stormy afternoon. I combined the lightest parts of the images (the golden grasses) so they would be intertwined and give depth to the final picture. The …

Well That’s Just Dandy

It’s no secret that I love photographing dandelions. Their vibrant color, unique flower and ubiquity in lawns lend them a photogenic quality. Here is another macro shot of one that I enjoy looking at. I even had it printed as an 8×10.

Puffy 444

This is a photo from a couple of years ago that I’ve ressurected from the depths of my Flickr account. I used natural early morning light through a window to give this photo a really neat low-key effect.

A Little Street Photography

There’s a lot of construction in my neighborhood right now as house lots are getting built up. As I was walking one day, I saw this little skid loader posing for me in the middle of the street. Not wanting to offend it, I took this picture and promised to send a copy via email.