cyber landscape

How to Prepare for a Cyber-Attack

There‚Äôs a lot of talk about cyber-warfare right now. With Russia invading Ukraine and President Biden threatening to launch an offensive cyber-attack as a consequence, the chances of many American citizens being affected by an attack is high. The United States is already the target of many cyber-attack events and their frequency has been growing …

Laser Communicator

Light, amplified and stimulated
A cable’s length is emulated.
Vocal cords emit a monologue
Its signal obviously analog.
But digitized it travels
And on the other side unravels.
A speaker re-assembles
A sound my voice resembles.

Create Files Without Extensions in Windows

If you use Git for anything you’ve probably had occasion to create a .gitignore file. The gitignore file simply tells Git to ignore specified files or directories that you don’t want managed by version control. But if you’re a Windows user it can appear difficult to create the file. That’s because the file explorer doesn’t …