Last year I was looking for new subjects to photograph when I stumbled upon an idea to take pictures of things I could find in the street gutter. I took these photos for several months before finally putting them up on Instagram for others to see. You can also like my Gutterfound page on Facebook and follow along as I post daily (weekdays) pictures.

My method is to only photograph things as they were found. I never move things to get a better shot or otherwise set up my subject. Early morning just after sunrise, and at sunset typically give me the best light. Cloudy days also make for great moody images.

I’ve been amazed at the variety of things that can be found in the gutters. Most of what you will find are rocks and leaves from yard landscapes. But I’ve also found toys, money, spent rifle and pistol casings, and much more.

Photographing in the Gutter

Yesterday and today I’ve taken to the streets and its gutters to see if there are any worthy subjects to photograph. It turns out, there are plenty of things that wash up against the curb. You really have to pay attention to the world around you to notice all that it has to offer.

Most people never consider the beauty of the small and insignificant things all around us. I certainly never thought that the accumulation of street refuse could be as interesting as I’ve recently discovered it can be.

This being the rainy season, most of the gutter subjects were wet when I photographed them. This really makes the color look deep and rich. It also helps to accumulate items together faster and makes new combinations that you might not otherwise see.

Crushede, rusty can in the street
Bug eaten leaf in the street