painting of small teal bird on a branch

Bird in Acrylic

Inspired by the art of Gennine Zlatkis, I painted this bird in acrylic high-flow paint and inks on watercolor paper. Birds are really fun to draw and paint because their basic shape is easy to recreate but there is so much you can do to it in the way of colors and details. I’m sure …

It Came From the Gutter

I’m not sure what this is but it was in the gutter in an industrial park. It looks to me like some sort of evil experiment gone wrong. Now the black slime has escaped its confines and is looking for a way to become mobile and take over the world. Or something.

Killdeer in Acrylic

I was looking over some old pictures this weekend when I came across a few of a Killdeer Plover I photographed a few times last year. I decided to do a pencil drawing of it and then thought I would color it in a bit with high-flow acrylic paints. The real Killdeer only had black …

A Little Street Photography

There’s a lot of construction in my neighborhood right now as house lots are getting built up. As I was walking one day, I saw this little skid loader posing for me in the middle of the street. Not wanting to offend it, I took this picture and promised to send a copy via email.