Bird in Acrylic

Inspired by the art of Gennine Zlatkis, I painted this bird in acrylic high-flow paint and inks on watercolor paper. Birds are really fun to draw and paint because their basic shape is easy to recreate but there is so much you can do to it in the way of colors and details. I’m sure I’ll move on to other subjects but there are so many birds around me to paint that I feel I need to get at least a few of them down on paper.

Coming and Going

There’s something mysterious about a good blurry photo. They give you a form and then ask you, the viewer, to interpret what it is or why it is. Blurs can be made in many different ways. This one was taken at an extremely long focal length (300mm) while the subject was moving. Then I desaturated it to monochrome and gave it an unorthodox crop for the final look.

Killdeer in Acrylic

I was looking over some old pictures this weekend when I came across a few of a Killdeer Plover I photographed a few times last year. I decided to do a pencil drawing of it and then thought I would color it in a bit with high-flow acrylic paints.

The real Killdeer only had black chest bands and brown wings. But I thought it would look neat all in black.

A Robin Darkly

I love this sillouette of a robin on a fence. It looks like he has somewhere to go, something to do. Could it have something to do with that towering object in the background? The picture  evokes a subtle mystery. There’s a question, here left unaswered. It’s fun to be able to look at it multiple times and each time see a different story.


Endothermic Vertibrates

I came across this old sketch that I did a while back. I have no idea why I drew it or what was on my mind at the time. This is another example of a free-sketch that I probably used to get over creative block. I thought I would post it here for fun, just one endothermic vertibrate to another.

Endothermic vertibrate drawing