Something New

I have plenty of activities to keep me busy each day. But that doesn’t keep me from trying new things. I like trying new activities and learning new skills. It potentially gives me new things to put in my ever-revolving lineup of hobbies. At the very least it gives me one more thing to identify …

Universal Art

Most tissue boxes have patterns printed
with wavy lines, paisleys, arcs or dots.
And colors ranging from simple to gaudy.

But few are perfect for my home and
why should they be? I mean,
unless every box had an infinite palate 
and a nuclear skin that could explode
into every shape imaginable how
could the tissue box artist know
what I need out of tissue box art?

There is no universal art in
my universe, that is to say I
have never found it so. But
I usually get lucky and
find a tissue box that works
well enough with my décor.

The Meaning of Lines

The consequence of
a painting I
observed in a book
is this poem.

With simple strokes it
came to life and
in my mind
set its hook

Light and dark play
havoc with my
sense of depth and

Can meaning lie in
unplanned lines?
If none is found then
art is maddening