Moving On

When I don’t write, I feel lazy. So I try to force myself to put words on a page whenever possible. Writing fun or silly prose or poetry makes the task more bearable. I wrote the paragraph below as an exercise in producing words and I’m sharing it here just because I can.

It was time to move on. Tom knew he was being held back by his group of friends. His mother always taught him that he should surround himself with the type of people he wanted to be like. Tom wasn’t. This became a stark reality last week when Mitch Panitkin was arrested for publically displaying affection for macramé. Word on the street was that the DA was out for blood. Mitch was likely facing real time this go-around. The gang had been embarrassed in the past by Mitch’s unscrupulous behaviors. During his years playing Snooker in high school he was caught juicing. Coach Bell tried to take care of the situation quietly but Mitch refused to quit. He was addicted to the performance boost. Bell was shocked when Mitch suggested the whole team do it. He said they would be unstoppable. In all fairness, Mitch should have been kicked off the team. But coach liked to win more than he liked to be fair or ethical. He let Mitch continue playing but made him promise to limit himself to ten pounds of carrots per week so no one would become suspicious. But everyone knew what kind of person he was.

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