It Came From The Swamp

Actually, it came from a lake. A nice lake too. I was just drawn to the finger-lilke lines of the tree branch as it reached out of the lake and dipped its fingers back into the water.

Sandhill Cranes

Not too long ago I noticed a swoop of Sandhill cranes flying high above my house. There were about 100 of them and they were circling, diving and changing direction all over the place. I quickly got the camera to document this craziness and got a few interesting photos. I love changing seasons because we …

Bird in Acrylic

Inspired by the art of Gennine Zlatkis, I painted this bird in acrylic high-flow paint and inks on watercolor paper. Birds are really fun to draw and paint because their basic shape is easy to recreate but there is so much you can do to it in the way of colors and details. I’m sure …

Abstract Image

Something I’ve been doing more and more lately is abstract photography using intentional camera movement (ICM) and multiple exposure (ME). But, from time-to-time I use the computer to manipulate images more than the camera. This image is one of those that I bent and twisted until it had a look Pablo Picaso would recognize. I …

Laser Communicator

Light, amplified and stimulated
A cable’s length is emulated.
Vocal cords emit a monologue
Its signal obviously analog.
But digitized it travels
And on the other side unravels.
A speaker re-assembles
A sound my voice resembles.