What is a Christian?

I call myself a Christian. But that title doesn’t mean the same thing to all people. To some, it’s a traditional or cultural identifier. To others it is a religious label portending rules, rites, and recitations meant to somehow bring yourself closer to God. Still others see Christians as members of a repressive, man-made institution …


Last year I was looking for new subjects to photograph when I stumbled upon an idea to take pictures of things I could find in the street gutter. I took these photos for several months before finally putting them up on Instagram for others to see. You can also like my Gutterfound page on Facebook …

Where to Find the desktop.msi File for Performing a Silent Install of ArcGIS for Windows

If you want to perform a silent install of ArcGIS desktop for Windows using the Microsoft Installer (.msi) file, you need the actual .msi file. But finding the .msi file can seem difficult. It’s nowhere to be found on the ESRI download site (that I could find). It turns out to be quite easy to …

Remote Session

I sat there
phone to my ear
watching someone elses screen –
Software Loading.
Nobody spoke
We waited in awkward silence
not knowing if the other
was busy doing something else
or about to speak.
We stared at the screen,
The green bar slowly edging
closer to 100 percent.

Try Digging a Little Deeper

The next time you’re looking for a photo, a video, or someone’s opinion online, try going to page 8 of the results. We miss so much good information because we think Google gets the first page right all the time. Try digging a little deeper and you might be surprised what you come up with.

In Between Worlds

“In Between Worlds” is a camera movement and multiple exposure photograph that I made from several pictures of decorative grasses in my front yard on a bit of a stormy afternoon. I combined the lightest parts of the images (the golden grasses) so they would be intertwined and give depth to the final picture. The …